A smart ID service for companies

Digital passport or ID photos, are necessary for ID management, databases, acces control, ID cards and a lot more. SelfID is a self-service system for taking and saving ID photos. Great for companies, schools, governments, etc.

People use SelfID when it suits them, there is no need for staff nor appointments. Taking the ID photo is very easy, anyone can do it. The SelfID takes the picture and automatically adjusts it as the perfect ID photo. The software checks the quality of the ID photo so there won't be any unuseable or "funny" pictures in your system. The user clicks on confirm and the photo will be automatically saved. The photo can also be printed or mailed.

The saved ID photo is linked to an employee number or ID code. For example, by having the user enter his employee number. The format, size and the folder where the photo is stored is pre-set once.

Customization? no problem. We can add a card reader so that users do not have to enter a code but only insert their ID card. Or we can send the saved photo directly to your database or application.

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How does it work?

The SelfieD can be installed almost anywhere. You only need a power outlet. Users can easily take an ID photo themselves. The machine takes a photo and the software automatically processes the photo into a perfectly formatted ID photo. The user only needs to save.

A worker number can be entered when saving. The photo is saved in a pre-set folder. Many options are possible here, including customization. We can integrate the SelfieD into your IT organization and working method.

In addition to the possibility to take and save ID photos, the SelfieD naturally also offers the possibility to take an official passport photo or a passport photo for a foreign passport or Visa. These can be printed, saved and mailed. Handy!

  • Very user friendly. Really anyone can make a photo themselves.
  • Automatic layout and ISO quality control. Always good and usable ID photos.
  • Link with an employee number or ID card.
  • Customization for integration. We make the software ourselves, so customization is no problem.
  • High quality photos. The SelfieD even makes passport photos suitable for passport and driver's license.
  • Option to work with codes so that only people with a code can take a photo.
  • Possibility to add official passport photo service. Also for other countries and Visa.
  • Plug & Play. Automatically starts up, touch screen, security software to prevent abuse.
  • Team Viewer for remote assistance and updates etc.
  • A SelfieD contains a Dell Windows 8.1 AIO computer that is easy to connect to your network.
Housing is made of metal
Color is white
Dimensions: 55 x 155 x 49cm
Total weight 40 kg

Type : Dye-sub roll printer
Capicity : 330 prints per roll
Speed : 15 sec. per print
Resolution : 300 dpi
Dimensions : 392 x 298 x 245mm
Weight : 13.6 kg
Power : 110-240V AC 50-60 Hz
Warranty: 2 years carry-in

Type : Dell 20" touch screen AIO
Touch-screen : 10-point multi-touch touch screen
Processor : 64-bit Intel® Coreā„¢ Pentium G3220T processor (3M Cache, 2.6GHz)
Memory : 4GB Single Channel DDR3L 1600MHz, 1Tb HD
Weight : 0,77 kg
Power : 110-240V AC power adapter
Warranty: 1 year carry-in

Biometric : Photomatic Selfie version 6.9
Support : TeamViewer client
E-mail : Microsoft .net 3.5
OS : Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro

Type : Canon EOS 1200D
Power : AC adapter 110-240V 50/60Hz
Lens : 18-55mm standard Canon lens

2 dimmable LED panels. Switched and controlled by the software
Strip of 8 power LEDs under the monitor to avoid shadows
LED panels work on an AC adapter 110-240V 50 / 60Hz.
Each SefieD has an additional connection for an LED back wall.